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Thread: How to connect to MySQL Server

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiwPix View Post
    I did make sure username and password are correct. I had no luck connecting so far.
    This coming week I will try to connect to an external Server and see how that works. Once I have this working, I can focus more on bug reporting and duplicating errors. With my current setup, I only have one POS and thats in constant use. No time to trouble shoot. Having a second terminal and also being able to connect the office computer will make things sooo much easier . Will keep you guys posted.
    Most likely you need to run this command from MySQL client changing the IP Address and YOUR-PASSWORD. I have Floreant running with two POS terminals connecting to a dedicated Ubuntu server running MySQL.


    Also if you commented out bind-address in mysql.conf, you may have to uncomment it and change it to this, then restart MySQL. I had this problem on Linux.

    bind-address =

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    Thank you for your help. I will try the external server first and if this still causes trouble, I will try your solution
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