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Thread: Tickets periodically not closing

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    Tickets periodically not closing

    I have been running Floreant 1.4 1632a for a month now and after about 10-14 days I started noticing that periodically when a ticket would be settled it was still listed as open in the orders list as well as the table it was assigned to. But the whole process seemed normal in the sense that it printed the sales receipt and such. This has happened for both cash and credit card sales. Has anyone experienced this as well or know of a fix for it? I checked the floreant.log file and there are no errors. Also my setup is two POS terminals running Ubuntu 16.04 and they both connect to an Ubuntu 16.04 server that is running MySQL.

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    This is not a bug. In our design Paid & Closed are not same!

    This is explained here.

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    So the keyword in my bug report is "periodically". My system is set to "Close on paid" and 98% of the tickets do close on paid. But there are some that do not and I cannot figure out why. Is there some verbose debugging we can turn on to see why this is happening? To be clear I will outline what is happening again.

    1. Open dine-in table and add menu items
    2. Customer gets food, eats and then goes to check-out counter to pay
    3. I process the payment and everything goes as normal except the ticket never closes after either CC is processed or cash is tendered

    On step 3 the final *** PAYMENT RECEIPT *** is printed and you can see total, tendered, paid and due are all accurately reported. In the database, the TICKET table fields, PAID and SETTLED bits are not flipped and CLOSING_DATE is NULL.

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    Thank you for your clarification. It has been updated to our issue tracker. You can start POS from Batch file and then you would see any error log produced. you can then paste and share link here.

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    Is that the same as what gets written to floreantpos.log file? I am not using the batch file because I am on Linux, not Windows OS.

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    Any ideas what we can do to track this bug down? I had 5 tickets that didn't close even though they were settled via CC or cash. I checked floreantpos.log file and there are no errors reported there.

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    This happened 3 more times tonight. The one odd thing is the one CC ticket said 3.83 was still due from a CC swipe. I checked Authorize.Net and the correct amount was processed so that may be an additional bug. How can we track this bug down? Is there a way to debug it? I have asked numerous times but those questions seem to never get a reply.

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    Can you close them manually? Or they throw any error when you try to close? floreantpos.log is the log file where it should save any error messages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    Can you close them manually? Or they throw any error when you try to close? floreantpos.log is the log file where it should save any error messages.
    You can't close them because the system thinks they need to be settled first. So in the case of a CC transaction you can't swipe again so I have to manually close them like this:

    update TICKET SET CLOSING_DATE='2017-05-02 17:13:46', PAID=1, SETTLED=1, PAID_AMOUNT='24.93', DUE_AMOUNT='0' where ID=3761;

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    Any suggestions on things we can try to track this down? It happened three more times yesterday. Being it happens so often I think we can narrow it down pretty eaaily. I can build the software myself so i would just be looking for guidance with adding/modifying the existing code.

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