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Thread: Regarding Access to Forum, Upload image & Report bug

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    Regarding Access to Forum, Upload image & Report bug

    We are little more rigid on our approval process. Sorry that that may add additional waiting time for you.
    Forum spam is increasing. Our forum has been targeted by spammers and advertisement guys a number of times. Auto spammers are easier to deal with, but there are human agents who tries to promote their products by fake information and tricky posts.

    A clean and usable forum is very important for us.

    You should do

    Fill out the registration form with valid information.
    -Use your real name.
    -We do not accept any temporary email, asdf / bla bla type of information,
    - Our system blocks any suspicious email that has been reported other places. Also our system will automatically remove any ip that has been black listed in stopforumspam.
    - If you see its not accepted in 2 weeks time you may re-create a new account. Do not write us.

    What you should expect from this Forum.

    - You may ask question but Floreant POS team does not promise they will answer.
    - Most of the Answers are provided by other community member. They are users like you.
    - As per our POS license terms, the source code is provided "AS IS". So do not use it for negative feedback or showing comparison with other products.
    - Some users try to compare and promote our POS with other system. We appreciate positive criticism. If you see this POS does not work for you you are free to use any other product.
    - This is not a place to make this free pos customized for your store.
    - Our team take care of bugs reported here. Also we may pickup from "Improvement suggestions".
    - If you need real time support only official place to go is

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    Forum Image & content upload

    Image & file upload tips

    Images in the forum may not visible to unregistered guests, If you are uploading image you may host in image in any other site like and insert that in forum.

    - Image size should be range of 800x600
    - Uncheck copying image to forum site as follows

    If you want to quickly upload code you may use our pastebin and share link here

    You may also use dropbox link here.

    Please note that forum authority does not take responsibility of user submitted contents. Any code or suggestion in this forum by forum members are not part of official floreant pos releases.

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    To report bug use the following issue tracker. Floreant team does not promise any

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