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Thread: Maximum Modifiers - Bug or Change?

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    Maximum Modifiers - Bug or Change?

    In the past, "Max Quantity" in "Edit Menu Item" -> "Modifier Groups" has referred to "maximum quantity" as the maximum you get free, any additional are paid for. It now looks like "Max Quantity" now refers to the total number of the modifier that you can add to a menu item.

    Is this a bug or a change in how you are handling "Max Quantity" ?

    On a related note on the new "Edit menu modifier" screen, there is no way to change the "Over Limit Price".

    BTW, I like what you guys are doing with the explorers, they are starting to look very polished!



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    There are changes in recent updates - Now Max quality is enforced. That will mean total amount you can add. This will make things simpler and easier. You have multiplier which will let you add additional quantity.

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