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Thread: We went live February 1st

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    We went live February 1st

    I am happy to announce that we went live February almost a week ago. ( I will take pictures of the system in action with my staff later on this month ). Many thanks again to Aogonearth for taking the time and fixing the printer problem I had
    While they were happy with the system and I was happy to have better accountability, we did run into some issues that I will list ( I am running Version 1597 ).

    1. I do not see a statement anywhere of paid outs done. We have several paidouts throughout the day and I cant see if they have been entered correctly and for what. I only see the total amount of paid outs. It would be nice to have that report ( detailed ) in sales exception.

    2. In one of the reports I see a "Paid-in" options, however, I nowhere see the possibility to use paid-ins.

    3. We have constantly changing specials ( with different prices ). It would be nice to have a button that says "Special 1" and upon clicking that special, the server has to add the current price for it.

    4. Initial Balance of opening drawer. My staff have already twice entered the wrong amount. I had to manually calculate what number they entered. Having the starting balance noted in the drawer report would be nice.

    5. Voids: When something is entered wrong on the ticket, they have to split it off in order to void ( otherwise the entire ticket is voided ). It would be nice to be able to void just a single item. The delete item button is not useful at all ( I disabled it ), because it does not give a track record of that item being ordered, made/not made, voided. It just disappears.

    That is it for now. Like I said, overall very happy, these are just some things / issues we ran in to.
    Also, I can not update to the latest version as this will cause my printer margins to cut off again and I am unable to fix this myself ( limited programming skills )

    Owner of Peppers Restaurant, Bakery & Cafe in Ubon Ratchathani Thailand.
    Using: Floreant 1.4 Build 705, 15" Touchscreen ( Windows 7 SP1, 2GB Ram, 1,86GHZ Atom CPU ), Epson TM-T82 ( LAN ), Cash Drawer connected with RJ11 to Epson ), Database: Derby Single

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    Hi NiwPix did you try to use recent receipt /print files in the latest builds? It might work; if not let me know i will be happy to re-modify for your built.

    3-We do have some specials the way we handle is create a page such as Daily specials, Tonight's specials, lunch specials etc and enter those specials every time we change the specials with the price and modifiers etc like a regular menu items so servers don't need to bother about the price and modifier etc if needed.

    4- We have a set 300 cash in the drawer to start the day. But we enter it as zero dollars every day. So when you get the report and count the money total - drawer's cash give us the reports total. Also if you like you can set the initial balance by default from a file i forgot now. But in this case you need to keep the same initial balance at all the time. You can not make it one day let's say 500 and next day 200 etc.

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    Hi Julian

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. There are few items but not big list. Some of the features are not here, but will be considered in future releases. We recommend everyone to separate wish lists and post in improvement section. Every restaurant and restaurant owner has own priority and preferences. So some of them may be subject to customization.

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