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Thread: Report corrections / Improvements

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    Report corrections / Improvements

    Hi i seen recently there was some works done for the reports. And some of the reports removed. While you are working on reports i would like to take the opportunity to remind some of the reports number formatting is not in currency or two digit format.
    Now admin mentioned that ( "") latest build java has some issues. My java build for this machine is 1.7.0_67-b01.
    So i am not sure if this version of java has the parsing issue or not just like latest version of java. Sales Detail Report.jpgCredit card reads.jpgSales Detail Report.jpg
    At this point i don't know what version of java is the most compatible with FloreantPOS to get the better usage.

    1st Sales analysis and Sales Detail Report are still not formatting as currency format.

    2nd problem is Credit card report shows the previous dates regardless of your date choice. (This was mention before also by a member and still there)

    3rd Return gift cards doesn't show up in Sales Balance Report ( so do customized payments) so therefore causing Receipt Diff which is a question mark why?
    thank you.

    Than you very much again.

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    We will check them and take response. If you have already fixed this, you can share in our paste bin and link here.

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    I am not good at programming, (Don't know almost any at all can read some here and there) last java class i took was 15 years ago and it was java 101. However i will be asking a crazy request from developer team if your team can make some educational videos from time to time how they make these forms, change its parameters etc it will be beneficial for the community and those who is wondering and tweaking can benefit it and learn from the best of the its source.
    I am well aware this is crazy; so you can just smile and keep moving also

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    Back to Reports!!!

    Just a kind reminder for Report issues:

    Ok i will go back to Reports problems again because if reports doesn't capture the info; we don't know what is going on with business therefore causing some questions marks???
    Check ID 5.jpg OK as you seen in the picture i did some discounts from default discounts. They all show up in the ticket and discounted accordingly. No problem. Now lets go the back office and do some reporting for accountability reasons.

    Sales Exception Report.jpgTo see what discounts were done for the day we go to back office and run "Sales Exception Report". Non of the discounts types recorded.

    Sales Summary Report.jpg During this transactions i did a "Gift Certificate" payment. But it is not captured in the "Sales Balance" report. Because Gift Certificate transactions doesn't captured in this report we are having "Receipt Diff" numbers with a question mark of WHY for accountability reasons.

    Thank you.

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