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Thread: Service charge issue

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    Service charge issue

    I am using build 1169 / 1250, i see a strange issue, where service tax applied to all type of orders, originally it should on applied to Dine in only, any help?

    Or, can i suggest to let us select in order type Service charge will be applied to an order type or not?

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    i do agree on this issue and we're looking to have this feature for our restaurant too. at the moment we still couldn't find a workaround

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    How do we coupe with this obstacle? I created 3 different order type. Take out, Dine in and Delivery. If someone needs take out, orders charged from take out menu, Dine in from dine in menu and if service charge needed for dine in it added accordingly from dine in menu and separate checks are given. 1 with service charge for dine in and 1 without from delivery menu.

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