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Thread: Waiting for a new release this week, FloreantPOS 1.5 :)

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    Any options for half/half order? Or price settings? I will be using this pos for pizza restaurant, it would be nice to have that option

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    I've been playing with a recent development version (1069) and was wondering if anyone could explain the concept of the TakeOut not having any ability to process the order without taking money & closing the transaction immediately. In previous versions, you could take an order for takeout much the same as a dine-in. But now, that's not an option. In our restaurant, we have a lot of takeout orders where someone either calls or comes in, places an order and then pays once the order is out of the kitchen. I've been able to get around it somewhat by taking an order, hitting the "send" button, and then "cancel". As long as the order prints before cancel, it will save the order. Otherwise you have to close (or settle) the transaction immediately. Maybe the concept was to use the "pickup" option - but that doesn't seem to be working yet. Any comments or explanations would be really helpful. Thanks!

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    One other thought, and I realize this may not be the best place to ask this question - but for lack of knowing any better, I'll ask it here. Is there a way an order could be taken for pickup (takeout) at a specific time? As I mentioned earlier, we do a lot of takeout business where people phone ahead of time and pick up their order later - sometimes several hours ahead of time. They want to be able to just stop & go with a phone ahead order. I realize this probably opens up a myriad of other issues - for example scheduling the kitchen, so they fire an order at an appropriate time -but that's what our business is. I'm sure others may have similar requirements. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Best wishes!

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    Delivery and Pickup are special type of orders. The Plugin developers has been notified as they probably will release a better release.

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    Take out must be closed immediately. There will be no option to store it and edit. This is how QSR POS works. If in case its required to hold a ticket, it could be done with managers supervision.

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    I'm seeing this as a bit of a step backwards. The earlier releases allowed the user to create a ticket under "takeout" and later close it. It doesn't seem like a big deal to continue with this methodology, ie: it worked before, now it doesn't - that doesn't make sense to me. In reality, a ticket can be saved by sending the ticket to the kitchen, then hitting "cancel". The system will allow you to do it but complains - so, it's a means to an end, but the logic here is a bit convoluted. IMHO.

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    So, am I understanding correctly that the "delivery" and "pickup" are only available from third party?

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    That was from the beginning. Delivery and Pickups were part of external plugin.

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    Its not that we have delayed, we are adding more improvement.

    No more hard coded Order types. You can add custom order types

    Fractional units are supported. You will be able to sell items by Weight.

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    Wow! This is really, really cool and very much improved, Thank you floreant team!

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