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Thread: Waiting for a new release this week, FloreantPOS 1.5 :)

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    Lightbulb Waiting for a new release this week, FloreantPOS 1.5 :)

    Right now the latest source code is r999, so in my own concern, i think the next release will be FPS 1.5 to the public.

    But there's still some important changes you need to do after the release. Here are some:

    OrderView Layout needs to be STATE, not STATELESS.

    We have to customize the layout every time we restart the system.

    Server/Waitress Name on Kitchen Display Tickets.

    It'll be confusing when the Bartender have a couple of tickets to serve, being able to see the name would be helpful.

    Thank you!

    Angel Mencia
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    Can't do more than agree on both points

    and also can't wait for the new release
    Owner of Peppers Restaurant, Bakery & Cafe in Ubon Ratchathani Thailand.
    Using: Floreant 1.4 Build 705, 15" Touchscreen ( Windows 7 SP1, 2GB Ram, 1,86GHZ Atom CPU ), Epson TM-T82 ( LAN ), Cash Drawer connected with RJ11 to Epson ), Database: Derby Single

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    Server name is added in KDS
    In Order view we added all the columns by default.

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    Aleluya! Just compiled the latest source code and everything I've asked for is right there. Thank you so much for such implementation, it'll be helpful for our employees.

    But, the problem is when we restart the application it goes back to the default settings and is a headache to choose the details we wanna see every time FloreantPOS restarts.

    Thank you!
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    Nice to see how the development of the program progresses.
    Therefore, a question to all the hard-working programmers: Is there a time period when the next official version will be released?


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    Hope the new version fix the "previous" and "next" button problem, i can't get it to work unless i run it in small window mode, when in full screen or maximize window mode it just doesn't work in version 1.4, please look at the pictures

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    This has been fixed and some other bugs too. Wait for the next release this week!

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    any news? I'm anxiously awaiting the release - hoping the credit card issues are resolved.... ?

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    Playing around with the build from the current posted source code-- I have two issues that I can't seem to fix offhand:
    1) cannot add new categories or groups and get them to show up. I can edit existing sample categories/grps, but new ones dont display. This doesn't seem to happen with menu items, however, I can add those just fine.
    2) My Prev/Next buttons for my right sidebar (categories) keep mysteriously vanishing...

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    @Klasa What version of Floreant are you using. What is your database? Are you running that with admin permission?

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