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Thread: Floreant POS 1.4 : Bugs and Suggestions

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    Smile Floreant POS 1.4 : Bugs and Suggestions

    • Installation bat file does not work.
      Fix the bat file. I am running windows 8. Fortunately while doing trial and error clicking on Jar file started the POS, but I was not sure if that was correct way!

    • Every restaurant owner will like to see it as their own branded thing. I suggest Floreant POS logo stay somewhere like the screenshot and I could add one Restaurant image at the top. There might a clock at the top and also if the software is online /connected to server ( server name might be there).

    • Bug: What is MDS-POS?
      When I login and click info ( there is no clear idea what is info?) I see a error message "MDS-POS" error

    • Item wise discount
      In a ticket I need a Itemwise discount. Its important. Often I give special offer for particular item. They show discount card and I need to give them 10% off for example. Its possible to do in my previous pos acupos. Check this video how they adopt it!

    • Admin Menu - organize it
      -Separate food menus under separate menu named "manage food menu"

    • Multiple Kitchen printer
      bug: When ticket is settled why there will be a Kitchen Print needed??
      Also why kitchen will know if a ticket has been PAID??
      Option could be> Print to kitchen when a ticket has been modified. Say food server added a new food.
      ONLY that part of the food should be printed.

    • Multiple Cash drawer handling?
      At this moment I believe all the terminals are connected to one Cash drawer. But in reality in busy restaurants more cash terminal is very common. Customer may approach any of them.
      -When settled cash / credit card they will have a record in database which terminal they were received.
      -When drawer pull is reported. It should ONLY show drawer of terminal!! Drawer is physical entity. So in the backoffice, Owner will see more than one drawer pull! When drawer pull is done there might be a Money bill / coint count option to prevent stealing of cash.
      -There are concept call X out and Zout established in POS es.

    I may be wrong ..if any other guy has better suggestion please share in this thread.

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    I am closing this ticket,

    Item wise discount

    +Already implemented

    Admin Menu - organize it

    +They are already separate

    Multiple Kitchen printer
    +We support unlimited kitchen printer, Printers in group and also disabling printing if needed. Lots of improvemented has been there.

    Multiple Cash drawer handling?
    We have not yet added more than one cash drawer but we have another update coming that will have those Staff banking and cash drawer.

    Thanks again for any such suggestions.

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