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Thread: Printer Configuration Problem

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    Printer Configuration Problem


    I am having a problem with Build 705 with Printer configuration.

    When I save a new Dine In order the Kitchen and Bar printers do not print anything. The receipt printer works when settling an order.

    I have set up the printers as follows, on the Printer Tab in the Configuration Menu:

    1. I add two new Virtual Printers (Kitchen and Bar) and assign the devices/printers by selecting the Kitchen and Bar receipt printers, as Devices, on the network.
    2. I then create two new Printer Groups (Kitchen and Bar) and then add the virtual printers to two new Groups (Kitchen and Bar).

    Also, when I have a look at the Kitchen Display I cannot see the Orders when selecting the Bar or Kitchen Printers when order type is Dine In. However I can see the orders when I select All as the Printer and Dine In as the order type!

    Am I doing something wrong. The printers can be seen on the network and have an IP address and are named 'Kitchen Printer' and 'Bar Printer' on the network respectively, and they can be seen as Devices in the Print Tab pulldown menu when I add the Virtual Kitchen/Bar printers.

    I also cannot EDIT a Printer Group as nothing happens when i CLICK THE edit BUTTON

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    This has been solved! So closing the ticket

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