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Thread: Floreant POS manual

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    Floreant POS manual

    Many people believe good applications do not require any manual. We also want that and our UI is designed as intuitive as possible.
    This manual has been contributed by a partner of OROCUBE LLC who has been implementing Floreant is a number of restaurants in Virginia. It focused 1.4 build 638 and it gives quick shortcut.

    Now we welcome our power users to make it better. Some of the features are missing in this manual
    a. "Cash drawer management" - Now there are clear mode for assign and close drawer.
    b. "manager approval" - Important actions like cash drawer assign will require second level authorization called Manager's approval
    c. "Clock in/out" - Now if a cashier is logged in. He can allow cook and other stuff to clock in from his menu. This is important for QSR. Also auto clock in has been removed.
    d. "Printer group" - Printer has now routing features. Now one kitchen printer can be printed to a set of printers.
    e. "Menu UI styling" - Category, groups and items are now styled as user like.
    f. "Translated UI" - all items can now have option to use second language
    g. "Order type" - Now one can change name of order type.
    h. "Ticket Filters" - Ticket list now can be filtered by order status (open, close) & order type

    Enthusiastic writers who want to finish it can inbox me

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    Good work. Thank you very much.

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