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Thread: Alternative "Getting Started" Floreant/Eclipse Instructions

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    Alternative "Getting Started" Floreant/Eclipse Instructions

    Although there are already Eclipse instructions in the website, I offer these as a replacement. [I also tried to post on the Sourceforge Floreant Wiki, but I don't have permission.]

    Instructions as of July 2015 based on Windows OS

    Installing/configuring Eclipse
    Note: Below instructions are the main points. There are several dialogs/options not discussed. If you see one you're not sure what to do with, just accept the defaults.
    1. Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
    2. Extract the zip, put the eclipse directory where you like
    3. Run the eclipse application
    4. Update eclipse by: click Help then Check for Updates
    5. Update the Maven plugin by:
      • Click Help then Eclipse Marketplace...
      • Type Maven in the Find box and click the magnifying glass
      • Disregard the results and click the Installed tab. [Note: This is an odd way of doing things because of a quirk in Eclipse. If you click Installed without first doing the search, Installed will erroneously show that no plugins are installed.]
      • Click the Update button for Maven Integration for Eclipse (Luna) 1.5.0
    6. Install SVN support using the Subversive - SVN Team Provider 3.0.0 plugin by:
      • Click the Popular tab
      • Click the Install button for Subversive - SVN Team Provider 3.0.0
      • Select the option to install Subversive SVN Integration for the M2E Project (Optional) and click Confirm

    Developing Floreant
    1. File, Import, SVN, Project from SVN
    2. A dialog to choose SVN external connectors pops up. Pick the top two, Java connectors for 1.7 and 1.8
    3. Restart eclipse as prompted and import SVN again. Important: Make sure you notice the Check Out As dialog as you move through the import process (step 4 below.) URL is: svn:// Note: When prompted about Revision, Head Revision is the most recent version of the repository.
    4. When you see the Check Out As dialog, select the second option, Find projects in the children of the selected resource
    5. Once import is complete, right click on the project, click Maven and Update Project...
    6. Right click on the project, Run As, and 2 Java Application. The Java Application is Main - com.floreantpos.main

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    Thanks a lot. That has been notified to web team.

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    Are you aware of any functioning eclipse plugin for editing the .form files, which are used to generate the GUI-Java Files?

    Are all the main developers using netbeans in order to change the GUI?

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    I'm not aware -- they'll have to chime in.

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    Eclipse/java noob here. In addition to enabling step filters, I found one other little tip which makes
    debugging doable. I had a breakpoint set in demo/, and when Eclipse hit it,
    I lost xorg keyboard/mouse input (had to ctrl-alt-f1 to a console, login and kill the java process).

    The fix is to bring up project properties, run/debug settings, Main, Edit. On the Arguments tab,
    in the VM Arguments box, add:


    Found the tip here

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