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Thread: Spanish (es) Localization

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    Post Spanish (es) Localization

    Thank you very much, Samer.
    Quote Originally Posted by samer View Post
    File translation into Arabic after correcting the errors of the translation exists with attachments for downloadAttachment 45

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    Post Spanish (es) Localization

    Following Translation has been received from Spanish version of Floreant POS in Mexico

    Translator: Alex

    To learn how to translate visit

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    Talking Latest (spanish)

    Attached is "". Please remove ".txt"

    I have not translated completely or partialy:
    DatabaseConfigurationDialog.30=span, grow
    Because I cannot identify the meanings. I have kept the word "ticket" because I have not figured out an appropriate replacement. Anyway, I hope your experience is pleasant with most of the text in your own language.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Angry New Spanish translation for the source code or binary

    Quote Originally Posted by quiliro View Post
    If you look at the file I have attached, I have it translated:
    I attach a new version of (Remove .txt extension.)

    Why is it that my modifications to this file are not incorporated in the source code? Other Spanish speaking users please comment on my translation to confirm the validity or corrections to be added to my language file.
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    Post Spanish (es) Localization

    Official Spanish Language thread

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    Hi quiliro.

    I had some more time to spend with Floreant and came to the following conclusions:

    PosMessage.12=AvgGst = Average (consumption) per Guest. Appears on sales-report.
    PosMessage.199=Srv: = Server=Waiter/Waitress. Not a computer-server or station ;-)
    PosMessage.243=AvgChk = Average (amount of money) per check. Appears on sales-report.

    This is how I translated it now in the German file.

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    Spanish translation of build 14705

    This is the spanish translation (México) of build 14705. All suggestions or improvements are welcome.

    Just uncompress the attached "" file
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    I installed version 14705 with the Spanish file sent by machbret.
    when i open the POS, it shows me characters with accent in Spanish with question mark
    Please advise

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    Thanks for advising. I have corrected the translated file. Link remains in the last post (#7).

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    muchas gracias machbret

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